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Look out!


What an interesting tattoo.

I have a tattoo. But you can’t see it. Just one of the downsides of always wearing a fur.

Old Tech vs. New Tech


I give huge credit to anyone trying to quit smoking. I used to smoke. And even after I stopped, my fur stank for months. 

One shovel full of sand at a time.


Just think how much faster that hole would be dug if he could just inspire everyone on the beach to help with the work.

But then again, maybe that’s why everyone’s at the beach; to not do any work.

Stupid Human Race


But at least you’re in the race. We cats aren’t a race because we’re not racers. We’re nappers. You enjoy your human race. We’ll take a cat nap.

It says “100”


And before this “100” sign there were “99 signs on sticks on the table, 99 signs on sticks…”