WHAT IS SpiritHumor®?

Actually a better question is: “Who is SpiritHumor”?

Answer: WE are SpiritHumor. All of us. Together.

Our feelings – all of them – whether experiencing them by ourselves or with others, are our Spirit.

That joyful feeling, the one that brings a smile to our face and / or a warm hug to our soul, is our Humor.

When we share our Spirit and our Humor with others, we are more than not alone; we are united. It is in those moments that we become WE – and WE become SpiritHumor.


WHAT IS CelebratingNOW®?

CelebratingNOW is our mission and our joy. It is this moment. And this moment. And this one right here. After all, it is NOW.

WE celebrate NOW wherever WE find it. Which, gratefully, is always… right NOW.

No reason to delay the celebration until after work, or the weekend, or the next vacation. There’s too much to celebrate. Starting… NOW.

Each weekday SpiritHumor.com features a new image and thought about CelebratingNOW called “Today’s Celebration.” Sign up on the home page if you’d like to have a new “Today’s Celebration” delivered to your inbox each weekday morning.


WHO IS Chairman NOW®?

Chairman NOW is the official photographer of both SpiritHumor and the monthly e-zine CelebratingNOW.

Like all animals, doesn’t think about what he did yesterday or plan for tomorrow. He is all about NOW and he celebrates it every chance he gets. Which is constantly.

Each weekday SpiritHumor.com features a new image and thought from Chairman NOW called “Today’s Chairman NOW.” Sign up on the home page if you’d like to have a new “Today’s Chairman NOW” delivered to your inbox each morning.



The only pictures on this website not owned by SpiritHumor are public domain pictures used for the first couple months of “Quote of the Day” posts when SpiritHumor.com was first launched (January 2013). A few public domain pictures are also used in the first few issues of the Ezine CelebratingNOW. Any pictures at SpiritHumor.com not owned by SpiritHumor were chosen specifically because they are in the public domain or, in a couple cases of the Ezine CelebratingNOW, contributed by readers specifically for use in CelebratingNOW.

No pictures or text on SpiritHumor.com may be used without written permission of SpiritHumor.


WHAT IS CelebratingNOW, The Ezine?

CelebratingNOW is not just our mission and our joy, it is also the name of our monthly Ezine. Each month’s uniquely themed Ezine is filled with images and thoughts about CelebratingNOW, including the advice column “Dear Chairman NOW…” Reader Submission (images and/or writing), and stories on the many images featured in the e-zine.

CelebratingNOW, the monthly Ezine, first appeared in August 2013. Every issue is available in the CelebratingNOW Ezine archive at SpiritHumor.com.

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5,000+ POSTS?! THAT’S A LOT!

SpiritHumor.com began in January 2013.

Originally it consisted of weekday posts in 10 unique categories—Business, Entertainment, Family and Friends, Humor, Life and Love, Places, Play, Refresh and Recover, Relationships, and Spirit, and weekly posts in 4 other categories—Humor Pic of the Day, Quote of the Day, Question of the Day, and Spirit Pic of the Day. The new weekday posts now featured at SpiritHumor.com are “Today’s Celebration,” ” Today’s Chairman NOW,” and “Today’s Tao of NOW.”

We’re not good at math, but we have a counter that shows we’ve shared over 5,000 posts.

All previous SpiritHumor posts are available in the “ARCHIVE” section. You can search the archive by category name. You can also search by word. Any posts that features the word in its headline or body copy will appear.



WE celebrate this moment, and every moment. Together.



Values are the shared principles that guide how those in an organization treat each other. These are ours. For a really big organization. Called “Everyone.” Oh, and just to make our values easy to remember, we turned them in to an acronym – V.A.L.U.E.S.

Value – WE recognize and respect the importance of everyone. Individually and collectively.

Aligned – WE celebrate that which aligns us, not divides us.

Love – WE believe in the unlimited power of love.

Unique – WE honor and appreciate the uniqueness of each person, and each person’s life experiences.

Emotions – We are energized by the full range of emotions that touch the heart, mind, and soul

Share – WE share to connect and enrich our community; to make it better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today.


WE share these values because WE are SpiritHumor.






Help us spread the word. WE are everywhere!